MOGIANA BRASIL CAFES specializes in the marketing of 100% single-origin
arabica green coffee from Brazil.
The plantations are located in the southern region of Minas Gerais and Middle and
Lower Mogiana in São Paulo.
Why is the good choise buying coffee from Mogiana Brasil Cafes?
1) The absence of intermediaries guarantees the best product care, quality control
and site traceability, guaranteeing roasters an unique and top quality product;
2) The southern region of Minas Gerais and Middle and Lower Mogiana Paulista
are worldwide recognized for the high quality of brazilian green coffee;
3) Our coffee beans are selected, classified and packaged in 60 kg bags by our expert
and certified staff;
4) We organize trips to the plantation to discover the coffee supply chain to transmit
the magic of our products to the roaster;
5) We have been chosen the port of Ravenna logistics because despite being the
largest port in the adriatic sea, it is out of the congestion of the other ports
specializing in the landing of coffee. This aspect allows for greater speed in sanitary
/ customs procedures and quality control on arrival by comparing it with the sample
from Brazil;
6) The coffee arrives first in the port of Ravenna and then in our warehouses
minimizing costs and quickly providing the volumes that the customer needs and
customs clearance and / or storage at bonded warehouse;
7) So far as customers are located in other regions, the entire container will be
cleared through customs in the closest port to the roasting site and delivered directly.
For further details please feel free to contact us

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