Gbella deluxe italian food & logistics is a company based in Ravenna with twenty years of experience in the international trade sector. Through its institutional and business channels it is able to develop and implement projects and activities for territorial promotion, through the culture of food and wine and food.

GB is composed of a group of professionals working in the agri-food, wine, fashion, design, and then Made in Italy sectors, with experience in production, distribution, organization, logistics and training.

GB is Food Journalist, Ambassador of Good Taste, Good Food, Good Wine and Good Living in the world.

The choice is the first mission: to select the best products for consumers all over the world, products that know how to talk about territory, history, culture and tradition.
The products with DOP, DOC, DOCG and IGT quality marks are an expression of the territory and of the constancy of those who work there, with a certified health standard. We promote excellence throughout Italy with the aim of raising awareness of the rich heritage we have in markets all over the world, both to the most attractive in terms of potential and to the most difficult ones, because they are still lacking in culture Italian enogastronomic heritage, through sensory and experiential marketing strategies, thus transmitting the enogastronomic culture as an expression of a good but also as development and increase of opportunities for knowledge.
A world of consolidated traditions, dynamic, attentive to changes and the creator itself of new trends and lifestyles

Enhancing the heritage of our Made in Italy is the second mission, giving a boost to the territory of origin of selected products that take into account deep-rooted culinary traditions, artisanal products and attitudes to widespread hospitality. We develop and organize tourist routes, which preserve the authenticity of the expressions and traditions of Italian territories, relying on food and wine values.

GB always guarantees only prestigious locations and visibility, because our customers express and possess all a history of business and tradition to tell. Their places are attractive and evocative, just one visit to transmit that that scent and that taste comes from skilled hands, who have handed down knowledge of ancient crafts and secret recipes.

We do International marketing office (IMO), temporary export manager (TEM), training, information, education activities on products and their characteristics, show-cooking in order to live together the sensory educational experience, educational tasting activities, the realization of courses dedicated to professional and private team building , to share the passion for Made in Italy and know-how.
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  • Villa Ginori

The Villa Ginori in Collina is located in Calenzano (province of Florence). The villa is situated in a panoramic position on the top of the homonymous hill on which a forest of oaks and pines stretches. From the main road a long road climbs flanked by a double row of cypress trees, which leads up to the villa. Formerly belonged to the Aleotti, Rimbettini and Lappacci families, when it reached the Salviati the villa was enlarged and assumed more or less the current forms. In 1842 the villa and the vast estate that surrounded it were bought by Marianna Ginori Lisci, who needed a wood reserve for the Doccia porcelain factory (future Richard-Ginori). Today the oil is famous for the great and hard work done on the olive trees in order to have an organic production. Gbella deluxe promotes and sells the oil by Fattoria di Collina - Ginori

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